Terra Discovery

Subsurface Utility Locates & Investigations

Branksome Hall

At Branksome Hall in downtown Toronto, what started as a simple mapping exercise turned into a mystery hunt as more services and discrepancies from construction documents were found. Terra Discovery found two obstructions in sewer pipes, two additional sanitary sewers to those shown on drawings, two gas services not on drawings and additional clean outs covered over and not shown on drawings.

Most importantly a sewer main which was documented as 14" diameter was in fact only 4" diameter and would not have accommodated the planned renovations. This was discovered before construction started allowing the design to be changed and saving valuable time as well as avoiding expensive extras.

Royal Ontario Museum

Terra Discovery was contracted to join the team renovating and building a new addition to the Royal Ontario Museum.

The work at the ROM was complicated by previous additions and renovations which have occurred since 1910 creating in a crowded and constrained utility environment. A further complication was that the Museum had to be kept open during construction of the new addition.

Terra Discovery helped achieve a minimum impact on the site and surrounding area through the use of GPR and EM Tracing to locate underground services.

The Site Superintendent for the project praised Terra Discovery for the "speed and diversity" of the mapping services and technologies used to map the existing underground utilities. The efficiency with Terra Discovery completed the mapping of the site allowed the demolition required to proceed with minimal disruption and without damaging existing services which allowed the Museum to continue operating during the demolition and construction.

Other Terra Discovery Projects/Sites/Clients include:
  • York University
  • Upper Canada College
  • Georgian Mall
  • Durham College
  • Guelph University