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A company born out of the need for timely locates - for both planning and design purposes and immediately ahead of excavation since 1999


Space Entry

A “confined space” is a fully or partially enclosed space that is not designed or constructed for continuous human occupancy, and in which atmospheric hazards may occur.



A process of using surface based methods to detect the presence of buried utilities, pipes, cables, wires or other underground objects and mark their position on the surface.

EM Tracing

Electromagnetic (EM) tracing is used to mark the position of buried objects or utilities by detecting the EM field around them, or for hollow conduits by pushing an EM transmitter (called a sonde) through the conduits and detecting the corresponding signal. The target must be an EM conductor, or provided with a tracer wire, or accessible to a transmitting sonde for this method to work.

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Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

The term SUE is often misunderstood and properly refers to a branch of civil engineering that deals with the design of underground utilities by assigning “quality levels” to existing records and as-built drawings.

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Underground Utility Mapping

The best way to ensure that you have accurate data on buried utilities is to develop underground utility mapping. The three main steps to this are...

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